Monday, January 02, 2006

All of them?!

Link them all together? How do we do that? Should prove interesting mind!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

We're online!

Certainly a good thing!

So...what happens next?

Any thoughts Beatrice?

Friday, December 16, 2005

Just wanted to let you know it works!! Thanks!


Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Hello all here at the Talamasca both in the UK and the Western US Branch.

Tell me what interest of Ann's work would you like to look up next.

The only books I have for reference at home is "A cry to heaven" A very beautiful book might I add; and "Merrick"

I read all of the Vampire Chronicles, and am now planning to study the rest of the Mayfair journals.

Do you have any sugesstions or ideas on what I may look forward to?

Ta ta

Investiators of the Paranormal. We watch, and we are always here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Posted by Clarice:

Yes Beatrice how could I leave feedback about something as interesting as your story....forgive me. It was very well done.... but might I suggest you seperate the paragraphs a bit? It's a bit hard on the eyes to read without the seperations. Ta ta Clarice

Posted by Beatrice:

Sorry about the paragraphs, Starling! This was my first time doing this, so I merely copied and pasted (and prayed for the best). I promise that next time (if there IS a next time, I'll take care of that! Thank you for your help in our search for the Savage Garden! B

Posted by Clarice:

I'm glad to have been of service my dear. You should continue to do so, prhaps with Hannibal taking the young Miss. Verger under his wing. I like the idea, its very intuative. Ta ta Clarice

Posted by Beatrice:

JetNoir: Oh! An online Talamasca!! "Investigators of the Paranormal We watch And are always here. London AMERICA Amsterdam Rome" Hehe!! And perhaps Lestat will visit one of US and tempt US with life everlasting! Though, unlike a certain member whose name begins with 'D' and ends with 'avid', I don't think I could resist! I'm suddenly inspired! Is there are story brewing somewhere within the dark tumultuous waves of my mind? Perhaps... We shall wait and see when the storm dies down... And I hope your computer will be fixed soon!! Best wishes, B

Posted by JetNoir:

B, It is never the end! However, thankyou so much Clarice for your help - it has proved invaluable. So, from the English branch of the online Talamasca - what should we investigate next? We could keep searching for all references - and details, or is there something else? And would I resist eternal life? I must admit I do not know. I shall muse upon it! We watch And we are always here

Posted by Clarice:

Well here at the PA branch of the American Talamasca, I say we research the Mayfair witches, we are sorely lacking here, seeing as the British branch has most of the information on them.... we only have Merrick's journal. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Ta ta Clarice

Posted by Beatrice:

Personally, I vote we move the online Talamasca from here to the General Board. Oh, I'm glad this isn't the end, JetNoir! And, I've been considering writing you in to that vampire story I'm working on, but I'll need your hair and eye color (I don't want to misrepresent you!). Look for my first installment on the General Board soon! Investigators of the Paranormal We watch and we are always here. London America Amsterdam Rome B

Posted by Clarice:

I agree... do you think you can paste the posts we've made so far as to keep an online record? Ta ta Clarice Investigators of the Paranormal We watch and we are always here. London America Amsterdam Rome The Talamasca


Posted by JetNoir:

Put your hands on your hips! Hello! Firstly, I think I may have found something. In The Tale of the Body Thief; Part One: 'The Tale of the Body Thief', p13: "I always come back to Miami, the way I come back to New Orleans. And I'm the only immortal now who hunts this glorious corner of the Savage Garden, for as you have seen, the others long ago deserted the coven house here - unable to endure each others company any more than I can endure them." Does this mean that our world is the Savage Garden. I shall keep reading! Secondly, I'm glad you like Richard O'Brien. He's fantastic! He is also in a very good sci-fi detective film called Dark City. Have you ever seen a program called The Crystal Maze? I don't know whether it went out in America, which he presents, and is fantastic! Have you noticed that we are somewhat like an online version of the Talamasca? Albeit we investigate novels...but still? We watch...and we are always here LONDON AMERICA Take care!

Posted by Clarice:

In reference to the savage garden, it is merely an alliteration for the earth as vampires see it, intensly beautiful yet extremely dangerous. Akasha referred to the world as her savage garden to do with as she saw fit. In relation to religious texts, "God" referres to the world as the garden to reap and plant in. To sow the seeds of life and reap its benefits. For the vampires they sow the seed of vampirism, thus increasing their numbers and spreading their territory. Hope this helps.....for the references, it was in a letter that I wrote to Ann Rice in 8th grade. Ta ta Clarice

Posted by Beatrice:

Oh, thank you!! I REALLY appreciate your input! Everything you said sounds right!! And I suppose that the title fits my story, as the world is Hannibal's Savage Garden, for him to do with as he sees fit. For, really, who can stop him? And I think quite unfortunately (for JetNoir and I) that perhaps our search is over? Well, at least we can still look for the EXACT first place the Savage Garden is mentioned... And by the way, Starling, DID YOU READ MY STORY??? I would also appreciate your criticism. It seems this turned into a quest for the Savage Garden instead of being about my story! Oh JetNoir!! I HOPE this isn't the end...really...


Thankyou so much for the lyrics - I only have the album Fallen, but it's so amazing!!!! I'm currently reading The Tale of the Body Thief, and Blood and Gold, but no joy yet! Just call me Riff Raff! Let's do the Time Warp again!
Posted by Beatrice:

Oh!!! My dear brother! 600){ this.height = Math.round(((600)/this.width)*this.height); this.width = (600); }" border=0> I think this is the HOTTEST picture of Riff Raff!! (It's just a jump to the left, and a step to the right...) I had the once-in-a-lifetime chance to go to Club 33, an exclusive restaurant inside Disneyland! There's only 400 members at a time, and a four year waiting list to become a member!! My friend's aunt has a membership, so she took us. What I'm most excited about is that I got to eat INCREDIBLE food! I KNOW dear Dr. Lecter would be proud!! I had foie gras for my appetizer and I had an _amuse bouche_ just like Lecter's dinner guests at the beginning of the movie version of Red Dragon!! It was a beautiful evening!! When your are taking a break from our quest, you can visit to see it! Magenta (You're lucky...he's lucky...I'm lucky...WE'RE ALL LUCKY!)


Posted by JetNoir:

I'm thrilled you enjoyed Phantom, and I hope you had a happy Samhain! Quick post - some very quick glimpses! In Merrick (English Hardback Edition) just after the start of Chapter 16; on page 210: "You sound like Lestat when you say such things, speaking of his Savage Garden. The world has never seemed a hopelessly savage place to me." p211 "And beyond lay the savage night - Lestat's Savage Garden - and random unanswerable stars." We will find it!!!

Posted by Beatrice:

Oh, thank you!! As soon as I return a terribly overdue book to the school library (and save my good name as a responsible citizen) I will check out ALL the available Vampire Chronicles and join you!! By the way, have you heard about Anne Rice's new NON-VAMPIRE book? About Jesus' childhood? And if you have, what do you think? Yours truly, Magenta I mean Beatrice! Sorry, I'm going through a Rocky Horror Picture Show phase! *leaves computer singing "Time Warp"*

But, all unrelated things aside, I just KNOW that I read somewhere in one of the books that Lestat says quite specifically what the Savage garden is!!! I just can't for the life of me remember where!! Oh! Anyway, here's the lyrics I promised when I posted on "Tourniquet" (which is brilliant!!): Sorry, I don’t know the title of this one, but it’s my favorite!! And the words to the chorus aren’t the exact words; I mean, there not in the right order. I’ve momentarily misplace Sound Asleep EP, so I can’t go check. But it’s the verses that really matter! Sorry! The fear that binds you, the pain that grips you, Ah, releases life in me. In our mutual shame We idolize to blind them from the truth That finds a way to who we are. Please don’t be afraid when the darkness fades away, The dawn will break the silence Screaming in our hearts. My love for you still grows, This I do for you, Before I try to fight the truth My final time. Chorus Can’t wash it all away, Can’t wish it all away. Can’t fight it all away, It just won’t fade away. Lying beside you, Listening to you breathe, The life that flows inside of you, Burns inside of me. Hold and speak to me Of love, without a sound. Tell m you will live for this And I will die for you. Cast me not away, Say you’ll be with me, For I know I cannot bear it all alone. Chorus ------------------------------ “Give Unto Me” I’ve been watching you from a distance, But distance sees through your disguise. All I want from you is your hurting. I want to heal you, I want to save you from the dark. Chorus Give unto me your trouble, I’ll endure your suffering. Release unto me your burden, I’ll drink your deathly poison. Why should I care if they hurt you? Somehow it matters more to me Than if I were hurting myself. Save you, I’ll save you. Do not fear the flame of my heart’s candle. Chorus Bridge Chorus Fear not the flame of my heart’s candle. I’ll be the sun in your world of darkness.


Posted by JetNoir:

Hi! Just a quick word - and no joy. I've finished Interview With The Vampire, and there are no specific references to The Savage Garden. So the first reference will be in The Vampire Lestat! I'm going to start some of the later novels, and see what I can find. Hope you're okay!

Posted by Beatrice:

Ah, now I am the one who's late. I've been relying on my email to tell me when someone posts something, and for some unknown reason, my email did not let me know about your last two posts! I'm terribly sorry! And i'm doing well, actually. I know it seemed like I'd fallen terribly ill, too weak to log on to the Studiolo and reply to your posts. Regardless, "Phantom" closed last week, and I ended up LOVING it. By then, of course, it was too late. I really must be doing my homework instead of this! Thank you again! And Happy Halloween! (Or, a Blessed Samhain) B


Posted by Beatrice:

Merci beaucoup! Ah, a treasure hunt! And the brave hunter JetNoir sallies forth to seek his quarry... If only I had time to join you in our quest. I'm doing a rediculous musical adaptation of "The Phantom of the Opera", not nearly as good as Andrew Lloyd Weber's version; and it is an utter waste of time!! It is keeping me from such important things as our treasure hunt and other Hannibal and vampire related things! I shall never do another show this year! That's a promise! Thank you again!!!!!

Posted by JetNoir:

Brave hunter! I never thought of it like that. And when Vampires are involved, one can't be too careful! My fervent apologies for the lateness of my post - it's inexcusable. I have been trawling through my collection - alas, no joy. I'm going to keep looking! I read a short story recently, that I thought you might enjoy, it's very good. It's called 'Miss Froom, Vampire' and it's in a collection called 'Nocturnes' by John Connolly. I'm afraid I don't know if it has been published in America! And as too your musical perfomances, if you enjoy them, go for it! But if it is a waste of your time, you're sensible not to bother. Do what's fun! Our hunt continues!!!


Posted by Beatrice:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Even if you are incorrect, which I doubt, I am still grateful for your interest! B

Posted by JetNoir:

Hiya B! Just a quick note, I've found another (albeit brief) reference to the Savage Garden, in The Vampire Armand (which I'm still reading!) At the start of Part III (Appassionata) [Chapter 17] I quote: "...she is like any flower Lestat ever gathered from the Savage Garden of this world..." This is fun! Like a treasure hunt. I shall keep reading!!!


Posted by JetNoir:

I've tried the 'Cirque Du Freak' muself - and I couldn't stand it! There was a big fuss made on it's release, but I didn't enjoy it! I bought Interview With The Vampire on a recommendation from a friend, and got it for around £2.99 new - which is cheaper than it should have been! Books are so pricey over here! I took French myself, but I'm not very good at it - although I know the basics! I'm reading The Vampire Armand at the moment (apparantly it's meant to come after The Queen of the Damned, but I think it's after Memnoch the Devil. It does get confusing sometimes!) I'm looking forward to starting the Tale of the Body Thief...and I know it has David Talbot in it (I love the Talamasca, I find it fascinating!) The story about a family of Vampires sounds facsinating! And I love American history around about the time of the civil war, though admittedly I don't know much!!! Such a facinating period! And the porceline teeth? Scary... Sounds like fun! Anyway, I'll keep looking!!!

I've got it!!! (I think...) I think The Savage Garden comes from The Vampire Lestat, mentioned by Gabrielle, in refernce to Lestat! I hope it's right!


Posted by JetNoir:

Just a quick note! In Lasher, the character of Mona, refers herself as Orphelia Immortal - and she of course becomes a Vampire at the start of Blood Canticle. Still searching for the Savage Garden! And no-ones ever called me an Angel before. It was really sweet of you!

Posted by Beatrice_Portinari:

Merci Beaucoup!! That's "thank you very much". Sorry, I'm taking French in school and though I might put it to use. I really am grateful for your help, that you posted at all. I truly was getting worried my story was no good! I bought my fist Anne Rice book, "Interview with the Vampire", for 50 cents at my elementary school's fall festival! I lent it to so many people the rest of that year, it is now lost, so I can't go looking for the "savage garden" myself. I have considered investing in a pair of porcelain veneer vampire teeth... My aunt has promised to give me her pair if she can find them. I inherited, if you will,her copy of "The Tale of the Body Thief". I suppose this love of vampires runs in the family! I started a vampire short story about an entire "family" of vampires, set in the South (of the United States, that is) during the early 1860s before the Civil War, and never got around to finishing it. I kept changing the time period from Victorian to modern times, never able to decide what was best... If I DO ever complete it I shall let you know! Living in Engalnd, I suppose you have heard of the "Cirque du Freak" series by Darren Shan. They're about vampires...and personally I think they're awfull! That is only my opinion, of course. Perhaps you should attempt to read the first one and see if you share my feelings. I say "attempt" because after the first chapter I was ready to quit! It took caoxing from a friend who read the entire series (there's some 13 books) to get me to finish! Thank you again, B


Posted by JetNoir:

Right, I'm on it! I suppose I was referring more to your lovely style of writing. It's very flowing, and almost Gothic, if that's the right term. One thing I forgot to mention, was that it's nice to see Margot and Judy had a happy ending. (Referring to Beatrice's stunning fanfic 'The Savage Garden') Loved the tension too! I'm going to go through my Anne Rice collection, and I'll get back to you if I find anything!

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We are moving onto this site, out of respect for the Curators of The Hannibal Lecter Studiolo.

So here is the story of out search for The Savage Garden:

Posted by Beatrice_Portinari

Thank you SO much for replying! I was terribly worried that it was bad because no one had replied! You're an angel! B

JetNoir, I hadn't meant to make an allusion to anything Interview with the Vampire, actually. It's been a while since I read the series and I chose the title mainly becasue of the garden. Regardless, there's this nagging feeling int he back of my mind that says it really does fit.... The only thing I remember about the true Savage Garden was that it was a fantasy of Lestat's.... Perhaps you can help me... B


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